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Car Key Specialists are hard to find!
On this site customers can look for locksmiths that can duplicate spare keys, car key - transponder keys, car keys and electronic keys.  is the site where people look for a way to duplicate a car key. It is a fact that many people use the internet to find such places. is a site on which all cars are classified according to type and year. In only a few mouse clicks you can find out whether a car key can or cannot be duplicated. The next step is to find a province where the relevant car key can be made.
It is also possible for key specialists to provide information on this site. Ask for the options by sending an email to, or call 0031(0)547-363709.
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In relation to the search function, it is important to state which transponder machine you work with. If you require more information, please call 0031(0)547-363709.

We work together with the firm Cillekens, importer of Silca keys. They provide us with weekly input to keep our key database up to date.

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The functioning of a car key with a transponder.
Since the mid-90s, following a demand from insurance companies, transponder keys have been built inside cars. The purpose of this is to reduce car theft.

Since this period almost every car has a built-in transponder, also known as an immobilizer ignition key. Therefore, almost every manufacturer has its own brand and type of transponder.
In almost every case a so-called secondary version of a transponder is used within a car key. As soon as the car key appears within the ignition’s radar field, these two transponders should recognize each other. If this is not the case, the fuel shall not be triggered and consequently the car will not start.

What is a transponder
A transponder is an electronic device that transmits a certain message in answer to a received message. The word transponder is a combination of the words transmitter and responder. Transponders are widely used in aviation and shipping, in both cases to simplify traffic. Transponders send autonomous periodic signals, called squitte , and/or respond to a signal output sent by a secondary radar. In response to that, they send back a signal that contains information regarding the vehicle’s identity in which they are built.

Everything summed up is what makes today’s car key such a complex part of the car. However, duplicating these cars is actually possible in most cases. On the website you can find out who has the equipment to make these keys.

 Schuurman Markelo in the Media

  • Magazine for shoe and key specialists
  • Placement December 2010

Sharing the success of
Two hundred additional customers for your car keys each day. To most people this will sound like an impossible target. Yet it worked for the well-known website However, this achievement did not come about without hard work. Initiator and operator of the site is key maker Eddy Schuurman from Markelo, a small village in the eastern part of the Netherlands. The 49 -year-old entrepreneur talks about the long and bumpy road that led to its current success. He also highlights the possibilities for you to share in the success of

With a smile Schuurman tells us his story: ‘ originated from a demand for car keys in our store. From the moment we opened our shop in Markelo we received daily phone calls from people asking whether we also make car keys with transponders. Many of these potential customers came across our phone number on www.schoenmaker -, our regular website. Since all these calls were made at the expense of valuable time, we decided to transfer the data - obtained from books by Silca and Duitman - into a simple Excel file, sorted by brand, model and year. From that moment onwards, the number of calls fell whilst at the same time the number of visitors on the website increased, which of course was our intention.

‘Mission Accomplished ‘, you might think, ‘now carry on making shoes and keys.’ This is exactly what I did, Schuurman continues. ‘Until I found out that some of my colleagues had copied versions of my data (Excel) file on their websites. I 'm definitely not against helping other colleagues out, but to do all the work whilst others benefit was not my intention. Hence, I started to think about alternative ways. First, I checked whether I could come up with a catchy available name to set up a website that would better protect the data. turned out not to be registered yet.

Startup Problems
"If there's something I underestimated , then it is the time it took afterwards to rank and digitalize the brands, models and years of cars. At the same time we had to find out which machines made which keys. All in all it was a job for which I have sacrificed my free time during an entire winter and spring’, says Schuurman. Another task not to underestimate was to ensure that the big search engines know where to find you, something that still requires my weekly attention. After having completed a few courses, I thought I could handle it. I thought…’ Schuurman ponders. ‘And even now a professional is checking it monthly to ensure optimal results. After all the troubles I had overcome in the beginning, I was the proud owner of - in my opinion – a nice and clear website. Yet, another problem presented itself at that time; how do I find colleagues that are willing to pay to appear on my website as well?

Johan Muller of the Company Cillekens from Roermond was the first to recognize the positive power of and managed to bring it to the attention of his customers . Schuurman : "After more or less six months we had about ten shoemakers on the website . At that time we had approximately a thousand targeted visitors per month. Cillekens’ invitation to be their guest at the trade fair in Arnhem, was a moment I will not easily forget. At this exhibition alone, we received thirty applications. Within six months following this, the number of visitors increased to a monthly two thousand. What I have experienced as a side benefit, is that many colleagues now inform me about the possibilities with regard to making keys. Your own knowledge gets a huge boost and I now share this knowledge with’s visitors.’

Your advantage
At present more than 200 advertisers have joined us, and the average number of targeted visitors is around six thousand per month, whilst still increasing . A while ago we had our 150.0000 th visitor. ‘Due to our low overhead costs, we managed to keep the entry fee for new participants very low. We consider this very important, since we are stronger together. Hence, it has to be interesting for everyone. Or freely translated: everyone should be able to make a good profit out of it.’ Participation is possible from 75 euros per year > For the price similar to one or two car keys you can be on the website for a year and benefit from the many advantages has to offer.’ If you are interested in participating, please have a look at the different advertising possibilities on